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Enjoying life at Bolligen

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For those wishing to become part of the Bolligen community, it offers all the necessary facilities and attractions.

The center boasts an array of picturesque historical buildings, including a 12th century church and a 17th century mill, as well as the welcoming atmosphere of a relatively quiet town. There are, of course, plenty of shops and a weekend market, where you can buy special, local products.

With four schools and five kindergardens, all within walking distance of the apartment, Bolligen is perfectly suited for families. In your spare time you can enjoy pleasant walks and bike rides into the countryside, something especially appreciated by lovers of unspoiled nature. There is also a swimming-pool, open to anyone wishing to maintain a healthy life style.


Being close to all that matters

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The apartment plot sits at the edge of the settlement; one side close to an exclusive residential area, the other to farmland, a natural forest and the beautiful Stockeren sandstone cliffs. This makes for a very pleasant neighborhood, allowing you to become part of the local community yet also profi ting from clear views and the open space. Just a 10 minute walk south gets you to Bolligen center and, closer still, is a bus stop serviced by a versatile bus network.

With a regular train service, you can reach Bern after a 12 minute journey or, of course, aim further. Wherever you need to commute or travel to, you can take advantage of Bolligen’s reliable public transport system or use your own car – the motorway is only a few minutes away.